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SFCurators Salon: The Secrets Of Apple's AppStore; Plus, Mozilla Is Building It's Own App Store

SFCurators Salon meeting was excellent as usual. It's always a great group of people and conversations.

At the latest meeting, our featured speaker was Matt Monday, a former Apple exec who lead the team that picked apps for the Apple AppStore.

He shared a lot of information, much of it was off-the-record -- a key feature of the salon, that people are able to share information in a setting that is off-the-record should they choose it -- and have the trust that the group will honor that request.

I'd love to share with you all the juicy details of how Apple curates the featured apps in its app store, what it looks for, and how to get to the top of the pack -- but you have to come to the meetings.

It's something that SFCurators Salon has as part of its DNA, you are strongly encouraged to come to the meetings to get the full benefits of belonging to this group.

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Matt Monday has a very interesting startup coming out very soon, called Karma Store -- it finds the best charities, the ones doing the best work in each region and in each category of aid. It's all about bringing greater transparency to the sometimes murky world of charities, and identifying the ones that are making a big difference in their sector.

Here's a brief explanation:

You can follow Karma Store on Twitter here.

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Patrice Lamothe, CEO of Pearltrees showed off the company's new iPad app, which has been a a top-ten hit since it was released earlier this week. [Pearltrees Launches iPad App That Lets Users Connect Through Their Curated Interests - SVW]

The iPad app is excellent and shows off a great way to view other people's curations of interesting subjects in a playful way, yet preserving all the great elements of Pearltree's desktop version.
(Pearltrees is a consulting client.)

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It was great to see Ron Piovesan, currently working with Mozilla to help build an app store, launching in about nine months. He says that the effort is focused on web apps that can work across different browsers.

The interesting thing is that the app store is not tied to a specific platform but celebrates and curates the best apps that work across platforms and browsers.

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Coming Up: SFCurators Salon has a series that is focusing on creators -- after all, without creators there's not much to curate!

Please join us Friday October 28 at 7pm for a special event at a wonderful space at Madrone Studios in the Mission, organized by Doug Millison. It will feature Jiri Szeppan, a Belgian artist working in a variety of media, using curation as part of his art process. Plus, we'll be having a Halloween theme, costumes are welcome!

Here are the event details: SFCurators Halloween Salon: "Curation & Our Art: An Illustrated Encounter"

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If you'd like to find out more about SFCurators Salon and request a free membership please visit: http://www.facebook.com/groups/SFCurators/

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Big thanks go to Edelman SF for the use of their offices and Edelman's Eva Rijser who donated her time to help make the salon a success.