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SF Creators Media Salon Presents: Real Talk With Women In Tech

Salon 38

Above, a prior salon at Impress Labs in North Beach.

This month's salon is on the topic of women in tech and is hosted by Vanessa Camones, CEO of theMIX Agency in the Digital Garage on 717 Market Street, May 20 at 6pm.

It promises to be a feisty evening with Vanessa and her team organizing the panel. I'll be joining in from among the audience, collecting questions and comments. Here's the description:

With rising media attention focused on women in technology and gender inequalities in the workplace, it's easy to get the impression the tech community is an unwelcoming environment. We will discuss the experiences of women from all areas of the technology ecosystem. 

How has being seen as a "woman in tech" impacted their experiences in the workplace? 

Are the horror stories that make headlines causing us to overlook more subtle yet commonplace experiences of discrimination? 

And has the "Lean In" movement -- and its anti-movement "Lean Out" -- created an unnecessary divide? 

We'll have a panel discussion with women from across the tech community.

Here is the invite: SF Creators Media Salon presents: Real Talk With Women in Tech

Please let me know if your organization would like to host a future salon.