04:27 AM

SF AngelPad's First Demo Day Draws A Crowd

AngelPad, the recently founded group of San Francisco angels, mostly from Google, held its first Demo Day with 8 companies presenting their businesses.

The goal is to provide investment and mentoring services to startups from angels that have a lot of experience in building successful web companies.

Thomas Korte, ex-Google, one of the founders of AngelPad introduced the companies, all of them run by engineers from some of Silicon Valley's top companies, such as Yahoo, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

There was a great turnout from potential investors with standing room only.

MoPub: A new ad network from former AdMob and Google engineers focused on optimizing mobile ads. All the right buzz words but it wasn't clear what it did. It just finished raising a round of funding.

RollCall: It lets groups of people decide where to go to the movies or anywhere else, using their smart phones. How long before Facebook or Twitter adds such a capability? It has finished raising its first round.

Curated.by: Organizing Twitter content by topic rather than hashtags, which "don't work." Sounds like a useful feature but is it a business?

AllTrails: A Yelp for hikers. Sounds like a useful service. Outdoor activities market is massive. The team is also working on an "AllSnow" site.

EggCartel: A type of Craigslist that lets you easily sell anything by taking a photo and posting it to your social networks. Looks useful and easy to use.

Adku: Analyzing large data sets to optimize e-commerce. Lots of the right buzz words in the right order.

HugEnergy: Track your energy usage in real time and learn how to save energy. Surely, you'll save 95% of the energy you can save, pretty quickly and then what? Warm and fuzzy.

Snip.ly: This was the most intriguing of the bunch. It analyses the most informative snippets of content on a page and then uses a recommendation engine to surface and share the "best snips." It is like PageRank for each page.