02:21 AM

SDForum Visionary Awards Part 1 - Dutch Consul

(In the front row Michael Arrington next to past Visionary Award winner Steve Kirsh.)

I was at the excellent SDForum 2010 Visionary Awards Thursday evening, at Stonebrook Court, the palatial mock-Tudor home of Kelly Porter.

I was very excitied because I was sitting right behind Doug Engelbart, one of Silicon Valley's legends. [Please see: What if Buckminster Fuller were still alive and looking for funding? I'm still in shock at Silicon Valley's blindness regarding Doug Engelbart - SVW]

The evening started with a short address by Bart van Bolhuis, General Consul of Holland, which has established an incubator in Silicon Valley with the SDForum.

Coming up: Reid Hoffman - LinkedIn Co-Founder; Arthur C. Patterson - Accel Partners; Chris Shipley, CEO Guidewire Group; Brent Schlender, Executive Director Techonomy.