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SDForum Visionary Awards - Present And Past: Before Walt Mossberg Became Walt Mossberg . . .

Later this week SDForum hosts its 2009 Visionary Awards and it will honor two women business leaders, Judith Estrin and Kay Koplovitz, also Vinod Kohsla and James Clark.

The event is held in Woodside, in the back yard of Heidi Rozen, herself an accomplished entrepreneur. It's one of my favorite Silicon Valley events because it is relaxed and full of the many personalities, and stories, that have made this region into a global powerhouse of innovation.

To celebrate the Visionary Awards I'll be publishing some videos and stories from past events.

Here is Kara Swisher (All Things D) from last year, introducing her colleague Walt Mossberg, telling stories about Walt's enjoyment of drugs, and that as a journalist she would never let the facts stand in the way of a good story. All tongue-in-cheek of course...


Check back later today and this week for more video and Silicon Valley stories from past SDForum awards events.