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SAP Analytics Goes To The Superbowl

SAP, the enterprise business software company, plans to showcase its business analytics technologies and its HANA real-time platform, during the run up to the Superbowl by applying them to the National Football League's selection process for the Fantasy Player of the Year.

It has created a live dashboard at NFL.com/Honors that publishes statistics around the top eight finalists.


“Fantasy football fans love stats almost as much as watching the action on the field," said Jonathan Becher, CMO.  “The SAP dashboard enhances the NFL.com Fantasy experience by distilling millions of data points and allowing fans size up their favorite players more easily. Soon fans will be able to use the analytical power of SAP to predict the most valuable players for their fantasy teams.”

In addition, SAP has created another live analytics dashboard that will be unveiled during Super Bowl week called the SAP Football Experience, with a visual representation of statistics that it promises will "take football statistics to a new level."

SAP has a large presence in Silicon Valley and it is also a founding partner in the new Santa Clara stadium, which will feature the local team the San Francisco 49ers. SAP is providing the technologies that will help game day function more smoothly in enabling transactions between fans and vendors.

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