05:38 AM

Sand Hill Road Vice Scare Vexes VCs

Thursdays at The Rosewood Sand Hill Hotel are well known for being full of VCs and hot women looking to startup a love connection but lately attendance has fallen.

Peter Delevett at The San jose Mercury News reports that it's because of a rumored vice bust by police.

Bogus report of venture capitalist vice arrest seems to have cooled off Rosewood's 'Cougar Night'

The talk around Sand Hill Road last week was, "Who killed Cougar Night?"

For months, the five-star Rosewood Hotel in the heart of Silicon Valley's venture capital community has been the site of a Thursday night meat market, with hordes of women in split skirts and stilettos on the prowl for rich techies who are more than happy to oblige.

But a recent report that police had arrested several big-name venture capitalists for solicitation -- by all accounts, a false story on a satirical Web site -- seems to have helped chill the scene...

Dean Takahashi at Venture Beat, thinks Thursdays at the Rosewood will revive quickly.

...now that the Merc has written about this, the place should be even more crowded as the latecomers, onlookers, gossips, tech writers, and the curious will storm the place...

He's right, I'll probably swing by. I had a blast last time.