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San Francisco's First Look At New Microsoft CEO

Satya Nadella 01898

It was “Day 52” for Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and his first visit to San Francisco as head of the software giant. The local media were out in full to see him as he introduced Office on the iPad, and speak about the importance of Microsoft’s “Mobile First” and “Cloud First” strategies.

When he bounded onto the small stage at One Kearny building in downtown San Francisco, he was dressed very casually. At first, I wondered if he was one of the technicians who had been there just minutes before, checking the equipment for the demos. Clearly, he was dressing in a hip-er style for the audience.

And so was Julia White, a general manager at Microsoft, in high heels and a leather jacket (below).

Satya Nadella 01952


Satya Nadella 01932

After the presentations there was no question and answer period, instead he tried a quick exit, but he didn’t get far.

Satya Nadella 01962 2


Satya Nadella 01985


Satya Nadella 01998


Satya Nadella 02011

Feeling the heat…

Satya Nadella 02008

Frank Shaw, Microsoft’s Communication’s chief (center above) finally managed to extricate his boss and leave the building.