05:17 AM

Same-Computer Dating Site for Apple Fanbois...

TechEye reports that Apple fanbois will soon be able to date each other thanks to a new site: Cupidtino - launching in June.

The makers claim that "diehard Mac and Apple fans often have a lot in common - personalities, creative professions, a similar sense of style and aesthetics, and of course a love of technology."

They forgot to mention blind obedience, the assumption that they are iNdividuals and an inability to use technology that doesn't have a shiny white finish.

I'm a Mac user but not a fanboi. It's good to see a third party site trying to help Apple fanbois with their terrible loneliness.

But will inbreeding - if it comes to that -- lead to some terrible mutant offspring? Or maybe they will cancel each other out and produce well-adjusted, happy people, without a shred of hate or bile?