05:22 AM

Robert Scoble's Naked Enthusiasm

Robert Shower

I've known Robert for many years and I love his unabashed, and unadorned genuine enthusiasm for many things. And he loves to express himself in authentic ways.

Robert is currently tremendously excited about Google Glass and published a photo of himself in the shower. He followed up today with a self-photo in a bathrobe, implying that he's naked underneath but still wearing his Google Goggles, which he vowed never to remove. 


It's not the first time Robert has been photographed naked, at least naked only as far as the eye can tell. Here he is with Shel Israel, promoting the book they co-authored: "Naked Conversations." They have a new book coming out soon about contextual technologies but I hear Shel won't do any more naked publicity shots. We'll see about Robert.


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