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Reverse the Google pay per click model--the rumble begins

I was delighted to receive the following note from one our readers. It refers to a recent podcast for Sam Whitmore's Media Survey. In the interview, Sam picks up on a recent comment of mine that I'm concerned that the old media might die before the new media can walk.

I'm also delighted that others are spotting what I have maintained all along, that content-will-be-king. I have the dotcom name to prove it:-)

Content harvested by machines and algorithms is cheap and gets cheaper all the time. People-generated content is expensive to produce and will become more valuable

It's the age of the technology-enabled journalist/editor--the media engineer. imho.

Here is the podcast: http://m2.slapcast.com/mp3/SWMS/SWMS-2005-10-10.mp3

Here is a list of other podcasts by Sam.


Here is the email note from Andy Evans, Net Communities:


I was very interested in your interview on this weeks episode of Sam Whitmore's Tech Media This Week.

You guys raised a very interesting question regarding the evolution of new media verses old media models.

It is clear on both sides of the Atlantic (I am based in the UK, you sound British too!?) that print advertising revenues have dived dramatically over the past years.

Online advertising has seen massive growth. In the UK the IAB have measured a year on year growth of 63% 2004-2005 with exceptional growth in the technology market.

However, most of this revenue is being seen in search through Google and yahoo. Are they not raping peoples content? Perhaps they should reverse their revenue model and pay click revenues to the sites that get clicked on??

Just quick thought from my pda.

Andy Evans, Net Communities...