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Reporting From HP Technology Forum . . .

This week I'm in Las Vegas attending HP's Technology Forum and I'll be meeting with key executives and customers.

Here are some of my colleagues also reporting from HP Technology Forum:

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HP Tech Forum

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    In the more than two decades that I have gone to tech events such as COMDEX/CES and the like, I have not been privy to the work that goes on behind the scenes to produce the event(s).

    No longer.

    At the HP Technology Forum, (HPTF), we were shown the stage prep by Dave Lawson, of Houston-based Staging Solutions, the producer of the event.

    Boy, where do I start?

    First off, the infrastructure required is huge!

    Dual anamorphic screens (75’x25’), several monitors – all HP, I may add, a gazillion other devices dedicated to helping production.

    Backstage, it was like a movie set; which, of course it is.

    Dual green rooms, several projectors, real-time video and audio production.

    I am impressed.

    HP Tech Forum

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