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Publisher's note: Introducing our first sponsor--Tibco Software, one of the largest Silicon Valley software companies

by Tom Foremski for SiliconValleyWatcher

TibcoLogo.gif We are very pleased to announce Tibco as the first of an elite group of Founding Sponsors of SiliconValleyWatcher. There will be others announced over the coming weeks, but Tibco stands out because it was one of the first to understand what we are trying to achieve: the delivery of a high-quality online business news magazine about Silicon Valley, featuring top journalists and enabled by the latest media technologies.

Tibco is a model company: the first Silicon Valley company--and only the third in the US after Disney and Qualcomm--to have achieved compliance with Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. This is immensely difficult and it is an impressive achievement.

Tibco earns its money the hard way--helping large enterprises integrate their IT systems into a real-time environment. That is what is called heavy lifting around here, and the competition is IBM.

Vivek Ranadive, the CEO, is one of Silicon Valley’s top managers. He and his teams have worked hard to position Tibco as a leader in this space. This also meant reducing a large Reuter’s ownership stake in Tibco, which acted as an overhang and dragged on Tibco’s share price. And it has meant orchestrating a string of judicious acquisitions to bolster its market position.

The Predictive Enterprise...

Mr. Ranadive understands the value in creating thought leadership positions around innovative concepts. He is currently working on a new book about the “Predictive Enterprise,” a sequel to his “Power of Now” book published in 1999 about the value of real-time business information.

The Predictive Enterprise is a fascinating concept that combines real-time business information with business analytics, creating the ability to forecast customer behaviors, and also spot potential stresses on the enterprise IT infrastructure. It’s the key to guaranteeing adequate service level agreements, as one of many examples of its application. And several large businesses are already putting the concepts to work in innovative ways.

We’re are very pleased Tibco recognizes our early attempts at innovation through its generous sponsorship.

We’ll be announcing other Founding Sponsors over the coming weeks and describing how we'll create a two-way conversation with them about how some of these emerging, and very powerful, media technologies will be implemented. Their graphic icons will become familiar elements on our pages, with links to their latest news.

Take a look at Tibco.com and a recording of Vivek on CNBC's Kudlow and Cramer...