06:38 AM

Publishers Herding After 'Crazy' Techmeme Model


Jason Del Rey at Ad Age reports on Business Insider's "crazy new strategy" that it will start publishing content from advertisers (isn't that an ad?).

Here's Business Insider's Crazy New Strategy to Boost Ad Revenue | Digital - Advertising Age

[BusinessInsider] ...following in the footsteps of media companies such as BuzzFeed, Gawker Media and Atlantic Media, which are moving to either supplement, or all-together replace, traditional display ad units with content that advertisers are paying to place alongside editorial content.

Certainly a crazy idea to think that the content is not an ad.

Here's more detail:

...allow advertisers to... create their own blogs on subdomains within Business Insider.

Gabe Rivera's popular Techmeme has been doing that since mid-2006. It runs blog content from sponsors on its front page within a grey "Sponsor Posts" column. Crazy Gabe was crazier a good deal earlier than all the rest.