08:55 AM

PRWatch: PR Firms That Don't Blog Yet Offer New/Social Media Practices

It is interesting to see more PR firms launching their own blogs. This is good because I've always said that PR firms cannot claim to know anything about new/social media if they aren't using it themselves.

One way to check out if a PR firm understands blogging, etc, is to see if they have a blog of their own. Many don't, or if they do, they post very infrequently, and usually after meetings abut what they will blog about. Yet nearly every PR firm offers a new/social media practice to clients and claims that they understand this medium. This is BS imho.

To separate those that say they know all about blogging, but don't do it, I'm going to take a regular look at PR firms and their blogs or lack of them. Also, I'll be looking to see who blogs in those firms, are they junior or senior?

Here is a new blog from the Technology Practice Group at Ogilvy PR: Tech PR Nibbles. Even though Luca and his team, have been blogging a long time it is not to late to start. Seriously. Don't wait. Because if you are not in it you don't know it. And that's the truth, ask any blogger.

Luca Penati wrote the latest post: » Social Media or Socialized Media?

For the past couple of years I haven’t been in a client meeting or industry event where “social media” isn’t mentioned. Forget “mention”: it has been at the core of the discussion. But in all these conversations, what hasn’t been covered is how traditional media, in particular tech press, is evolving, changing, adapting; and what this means for “traditional” tech PR professionals.

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