08:17 AM

Protest Planned at Apple HQ Infinite Loop For Shareholders Meeting

(Photo of demonstrators outside Apple store in San Francisco by Chris Knight.)

Working conditions at factories that supply Apple products have become a massive issue for Apple. It has taken some steps towards sprucing up its public image but critics are keeping the pressure on CEO Tim Cook.

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SumOfUs is organizing a protest this Thursday, February 23, at 9am at the main entrance of the Apple Campus on Anza Blvd and Infinite Loop. About 90,000 signatures of a petition to stop sweatshop conditions by Apple suppliers, will be delivered.

SunOfUs says:

As the richest corporation in the world, Apple has the ability to change the manufacturing sector as much as iTunes changed music delivery. Or, they could do nothing and profit while workers die of exhaustion or preventable explosions.

We'll be inside asking questions about the working conditions at Foxconn and Apple's relationship with the Fair Labor Association (the industry-funded "independent agency" tasked with investigating working conditions). And, we will be outside demanding that Apple do the right thing.