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Press barred from USA Today "Seismic Changes in Digital Entertainment" Churchill meet

...does that mean bloggers too?

By Tom Foremski for SiliconValleyWatcher

From the Churchill Club announcement:

Bat Signal.jpg "Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Seismic Changes in Digital Entertainment: USA TODAY's Technology CEO Roundtable (Members Only morning program in San Francisco).... Given the special format of this event, it is not open to members of the press, and there will not be a meal offered nor will there be an audience Q&A session."

How quaintly dictatorial. No press, no lunch, no questions.

Where's Dan Gillmor when we need him... Dan, look, no conversation!!! Do something! Let's send the "Dan signal" up into the San Francisco fog, it might be seen in far away San Jose.

The Churchill Club is supposed to be an open forum except when USA Today hosts a meeting then the press is banned. I'm tempted to show up as a "blogger" and see what happens. But it doesn't look like much of "seismic" line up. Take a look:

The pace of change in digital entertainment is quickening. The iPod changes the way people use music. TiVo has changed television. The Net is altering movies and advertising. Mobile is the new wildcard...

...Technology Columnist Kevin Maney has assembled a panel of influential figures to dive into the topic of what's next in digital entertainment.

  • Blake Ross, Firefox Creator
  • Michael Ramsay, Chairman and CEO, TiVo

  • Roger McNamee, Co-Founder and General Partner, Integral Capital
  • Partners, Silver Lake Partners, Elevation Partners

  • Carla Hendra, President, OgilvyOne North America

  • Chuck D, Artist-Author-Digital Visionary

  • Moderator: Kevin Maney, Technology Columnist/USA TODAY

I wouldn't mind seeing Chuck D; as for the others, Roger is good value, but he's an arbitrager. And Tivo is going nowhere fast; yet it had the chance to become the "Netscape" of the TV sector. If it concentrated on making the Tivo interface the browser for TV, it would be the killer app. (not boxes).

I don't see anybody on the lineup answering the questions raised in the description...

In fact, I'm tempted to make a few phone calls and line up a real line up; I'll let my loyal readers know when ;-) (No USA Today press--just kidding.)

Here is my take on digital entertainment in the home:
Comcast won. (It's all about the last mile gateways. IMHO.)