14:02 PM

PR In Crisis: Will top execs snub grass roots activists . . . ?

By Tom Foremski

Strumpette, the popular blog site for the PR industry, has laid down a gauntlet, inviting the top 50 executives of the world's top PR firms to confront the changing nature of the PR world.

This is an interesting issue, one that seems to be splitting the leading edge elements in the PR industry from the trailing edge traditionalists.

This is the first part of a remaking of PR. It is similar to the changes the media industry is going through.

However, Strumpette's call to arms could be a false dawn because the PR industry has been very slow to change, it needs an economic bust to change its habits. Either way, it is all part of the process that PR needs to go through.

Here is an excerpt from Strumpette:

To the Leadership of the PR Industry:

Where are you?!! Listen: We had a Call to Action last week where we invited a number of you here to a debate about the future of the business. Not one showed up. NOT ONE! Well, that's marked a turning point.

WE'RE OUTRAGED! While there's absolutely a growing cancer in our industry, you (plural) seem bent on lining your pockets exclusively. Regrettably, your peers are involved in behaviors that will surely kill our business. And when it goes to hell and you make off with your millions, we are the ones who will be left holding the bag.