03:21 AM

Podcamp West full of great advice

I usually try to keep my weekends geek-free and spend it with my kids. But I did pop in to show my face at Podcamp West, organized by Vic Podcaster and friends, at the Swedish American Hall. [BTW, this venue in San Francisco is quickly developing as a center for the SF tech/new media scene, it has just the right type of funky style and goes well with Cafe du Nord for the pre and after event parties.]

I caught the following panel which was full of great advice:

Veteran Podcasters' Share the Tips and Tricks/Do's and Don'ts (Panel) - Joe Klein, Michael Geoghegan, Michael Butler, JaDonnelly, Vic Podcaster, Marcus Couch - Long-time veteran podcasters pass along their experience and wisdom. Topics include starting a podcast, promoting the podcast, building and maintaining a loyal listener base, keeping the content fresh and compelling and resisting premature "Podfade."

I'll summarize:

Just do it. Don't worry too much about the quality, just get it out there. A podcast can be any length, whatever is comfortable to you. Don't let the technology get in the way, just get it done. Don't worry about how many listeners you have. Find something you are passionate about. Don't feud with other Podcasters. Keep doing it.

I'm certainly going to start a podcast, watch this space!

Link to Podcamp West