17:45 PM

Pittsburgh 2.0: Talkshoe Strolls Into Town

Tuesday evening I ran into Talkshoe, a Pittsburgh startup offering free teleconferencing services for up to 250 consumers at a time, over a regular phone.

Talkshoe just launched a widget that can be used within many types of established groups such as those at Yahoo, Google, Facebook, MySpace and more.

Dave Nelsen, the CEO of Talkshoe, said business is great, and that the company has been growing at over 100 per cent per quarter since the service was launched 18 months ago. It reached 3 million users in the most recent quarter.


TalkShoe Company Blog

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TalkShoe, the community call leader, today revealed a new Facebook application that offers instant community calling capabilities within anyone’s Facebook profile. The TalkShoe Facebook application brings voice into Facebook, providing users with an easy way to talk to their social network.


• Join live calls and view upcoming calls

• Up to 250 people can join and talk all together at once

• Easily invite your Facebook friends

• See what your friends are talking about

• TalkShoe web client built directly into Facebook app

• Chat without leaving Facebook

• Hosts can create public or unlisted community calls

• Hosts can easily manage calls directly in Facebook

• TalkShoe members can follow specific calls

• Auto-login when you enter your phone number

• Member’s easily link to your TalkShoe account

• Easily record calls for later listening

• Anyone can also participate via phone, mobile phone, Skype, or VoIP.