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Pet Owners Protest Facebook Culling

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I had no idea this was happening but Mitzi Szereto drew my attention to this:

Facebook Cull Harming the Harmless | Errant Ramblings: Mitzi Szereto's Weblog

Facebook is culling any user profile from their site whom they do not consider to be of the “human” species, pets in particular. This includes many friends of mine, be they canine, feline, and ursine (including “stuffies” – ie those whose innards are not of the moist and pulpy variety). This cull also includes a large number of animal rescuers who do good and valuable work to help animals whose lives have been harmed by this apparently superior species known as HUMANS. 


There is a petition page looking for signatures:  Give us back pet profiles on Facebook - The Petition Site

A 2011 article in the UK newspaper The Telegraph claimed that one in ten pets has a profile on Facebook.