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People-Powered Search: Wikipedia founder's challenge to GOOG, YHOO; and Eurekster

TOKYO (Reuters) - The online collaboration responsible for Wikipedia plans to build a search engine to rival those of Google Inc. (Nasdaq:GOOG - news) and Yahoo Inc. (Nasdaq:YHOO - news), the founder of the popular Internet encyclopaedia said on Thursday.

Wikia Inc., the commercial counterpart to the non-profit Wikipedia, is aiming to take as much as 5 percent of the lucrative Internet search market, Jimmy Wales said at a news conference in Tokyo.

"The idea that Google has some edge because they've got super-duper rocket scientists may be a little antiquated now," he said.

Describing the two Internet firms as "black boxes" that won't disclose how they rank search results, Wales said collaborative search technology could transform the power structure of the Internet.

Link to Wikipedia founder says to challenge Google, Yahoo - Yahoo! News

Interesting. I've been writing about people-powered search compared with machines and algorithms:

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    Eurekster seems to be well positioned in this area already. I like what they are doing with Swicki, which uses people-powered search. It has a very easy to interface and a ton of management tools. I set up this "Search Silicon Valley" Swicki in just a few minutes:

    check out the Search Silicon Valley swicki at eurekster.com