05:02 AM

Pearltrees iPhone App Launches - A Curated Web In Your Pocket

Pearltrees, the web site curation service, today launched an iPhone version. Users can now access their "pearls" - bookmarked web pages - on PCs or Macs, iPads, and now on the iPhone. An Android version is in the planning stages.

The iPhone version also adds improvements to Pearltrees with the ability to create notes about a specific web page, and it can more easily handle photo albums. The app also works offline, cacheing pages in local memory.

Users often use Pearltrees as an alternative to search engines, to discover new information about common interests. It's very easy to find and browse through other people's collections of web sites.

The company is introducing a freemium service later this year, allowing users to pay for private Pearltrees that cannot be viewed by everyone.

You can download the free iPhone app here: App Store - Pearltrees

There's more information here: Pearltrees for iPhone has Arrived!

(Pearltrees is based in Paris, France. It was a crafty move to set the deadline for launch so close to the end of July and the start of the August vacations when Parisians traditionally escape the summer heat. A great way to motivate your development team :)

Pearltrees is a former consulting client.