23:04 PM

PartyWatch: Outcast CEO Dinner Was Mostly Hacks And Flacks And No Dinner

I enjoyed the Outcast CEO Dinner despite there being very few CEOs and no dinner (and a long trek to Menlo Park during peak commute.)

There was lots of media there and I had fun catching up with colleagues. My apologies to Brad Stone and Damon Darlin from the New York Times for badgering them about the scam ads in the virtual goods industry. I think there's a great story that still needs to be written about that industry. [The Goods May Be Virtual, but the Profit Is Real - NYTimes.com]

Ulysses King is back at Outcast after spending about a year at Kyte. Ulysses spent a long time telling Damon Darling how wonderful the New York Times is, and how Outcast always tells its clients how good the New York Times is (West Coasters don't read newspapers I guess).

It was great to catch up with Gaurav Dhillon, CEO and founder of SnapLogic. [Gauruv Dhillon's SnapLogic: Creating The Connections For The Business Internet]

The Outcast CEO Dinner used to be a real sit down dinner. This year there was no dinner at all and hardly any CEOs. Maybe next year it could be renamed the Outcast Hacks And Flacks Happy Hour.

Towards the end of the evening Outcast tried to flush its guests by switching the lights off and on. When that failed to generate an exodus for the doors, someone turned the lights off completely for a while. A strange way to say goodnight.

I wanted to thank Aarti Shah, PRWeek's star reporter, and her partner Matt for a ride back to San Francisco.

I popped into the Ubergizmo party but it was winding down. However, it was good to run into a few people, especially Darcy Provo, who used to be at the Antenna Group. Darcy was in great form and said she is working with a new client Keas, founded by Adam Bosworth, former head of Google Health.