13:37 PM

Out And About: SWSX, SF New Tech, Who's Firing And Hiring . . .

- I popped into the pre-party for South By SouthWest, the Austin, Texas cultural event that is coming up soon. I haven't had the pleasure of attending but I always hear good things. I ran into some interesting people: Sue Ellen Schaming, from S-Squared Communications; Dale Larson, self-styled "dangerous visionary; and much of the usual crowd...

- PR firm Global Fluency laid off a handful of people last Friday.

- Opera, the "Scandinavian web browser" company is hiring, with all types of positions available at its Sunnyvale offices - there is lots of money in the browser wars

- Evernote is hiring too. But says it is going to be "brutal" in its selection process--because it can. [But that's no reason to boast about it - obviously Evernote was rejected by the best before and now it thinks it can gain the best without changing its attitude - good luck.]

- Laura Locke writes in Portfolio about the future of TV.

- Coming up on SVW: Find out what David Sifry is up to; interview with Opera's top technologist; Microsoft reveals browser plans, SF New Tech's startup pitches (BTW nice job Myles - good start to the year), and much more...