02:25 AM

OPENapps: Apps For Millions Of Websites...

Apps developers are rushing to mobile en masse yet there is another large market, says Joseph Puopolo, director of marketing at OPENapps, and it's web site applications.

"Web site owners need apps for all sorts of functions, such as ticketing, etc. We are offering a marketplace for such apps and a platform that allows those apps to be used on all types of web sites without requiring special plugins."

OPENapps moves beyond the "widget" concept in that it uses a site's CSS styling to automatically integrate into the site, and it pulls the application layer from the app host. This means that all upgrades, at the app developer, and at the web site are automatically reflected on the web site.

OPENapps handles all the billing and distribution and takes a 30% commission.

"For small developers we handle the marketing and distribution which is a big help, while larger companies can use us to help grow their business without much extra work," says Mr. Puopolo. ANother advantage is that unlike Apple's AppStore, developers can earn recurring revenues.

The Toronto-based company has 6 apps to demonstrate the concept and says it is in talks with more than 100 developers to add more apps over the coming months. It has a goal of at least 1,000 high quality apps this year.