18:16 PM

Ooooh weeee!..... We just got back from the New Communications Forum--THIS is the new Demo

by Tom Foremski for SiliconValleyWatcher.com

This was the place to be this past week bar none. The New Communications Forum conference leaders/organizers Elizabeth Albrycht and Jennifer McClure are grabbing onto the meta level of what is going on, and I was fortunate to be a part of the conference and speak on the journalism panel.

This was the place that gave proof that I/we are not raving lunatics, that blogging is the next killer game-changing/application/process/technology.

That statement will not be understandable to more than a few hundred people at most. And a few dozen of them were at the conference.

Even if you have read every article on blogging ever written--you do not know. You have to start blogging. And this is why Kevin Maney's article in USA Today, which came out on the opening day of the conference, urging bloggers to take a "chill pill," was perfect. Perfect proof that things are no longer the same.

Disruptive ideas/technologies always follow the same path: they are ridiculed, then grudgingly accepted, and then they are considered obvious.

Thank you Kevin, you have done your part in pushing this incredible thing forward.

(More on the conference, Andy Lark, etc to follow...)

Here is an excerpt from Kevin Maney's piece headlined in USA Today: “Chill, blogophiles; you're not the first to do what you're doing”:

Jeez. Take a pill, all you blogomaniacs. Blogs are fun. Blogs add a fascinating new element to public discourse. But blogs are another turn of history's wheel, not a radical departure.

It's a hoot, check it out: I wouldn't want my name on that one; that article will come back and bite you. But it does represent the way print journalists see things, and I was one of them.