02:26 PM

Oodles of lawsuits--the battle over content will escalate

Craigslist's recent request that Oodle stop scraping its content is just the tip of the iceberg to the coming raging battles over content and its ownership.

Content is valuable, whether it is job listings or news. It is unique content that attracts attention.

And content owners will increasingly start to glue their content down. What happens to the Oodles of Googles out there will be interesting. Content will be king, imho:-)

Here is an interesting discussion at Silicon Beat.


BTW, the Oodle-type argument that companies posting job ads want as wide distribution as possible is bogus.

If employers want wider distribution they can go place ads in all sorts of places. The fact that they choose Craigslist, or any specific job site, is because they want to target that unique community.