01:49 AM

Om My God! Mighty fun evening with GigaOm and Sharpcast

The place to be Wednesday evening was the GigaOm and Sharpcast launch party. Renee Blodgett did a great job in getting the in-crowd to turn up at club Mighty. I got there late and found the place hopping. The band was too loud for me (the marketing manager's band, not a good idea, if I'd wanted to see a band I'd pay ten bucks) but I had fun hanging outside. Lots of great conversations...

Update: Apologies directly from the Sharpcast guys, from Allen, “We did get the message to turn down, though not until the end of the first set (from on stage you really have no idea how loud it is in the house) - but we did come down in volume considerably at their request and we didn't get any more complaints after that. We certainly weren't going for ear-shattering volumes! Apologies….”

Now I feel like an old codger... :-)

Sharpcast is a cool application, I just signed up for the beta. It gives you access to your photos from any computer or mobile phone and keeps everything synced up automatically. Sounds useful. I wonder how long it will take Yahoo's Flickr to offer such a feature?

Here are some photos courtesy of the indefatigable Dan Farber, senior VP at Cnet/ZDnet and one of the best journalists/editors covering Silicon Valley and beyond.



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