02:44 AM

No "Killer" Applications For Microsoft Robotics Toolkit

There are no killer applications being developed by Microsoft's Robotics Developer Studio there are only "compelling applications," jokes Tandy Trower GM of Microsoft Robotics Group. The software giant today released a major new version of its toolkit that helps robotics researchers develop routines for controlling domestic robots.

Microsoft believes that domestic robots will become as common and as useful in the home as PCs are today. "We are still at an early stage, at the Apple II stage," says Mr Trower.

In the same way that Microsoft software propelled the microcomputer from a hobbyist tool and into a PC industry worth several hundred billion dollars, it hopes to do the same for the robotics industry.

At an event in San Francisco Monday evening, Microsoft partners showed off some of their creations programmed with applications developed by Microsoft software.

Here is a short video and interview with Mr Trower: