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Next SF Creators Media Salon Is March 13 @ InPowered In SF


InPowered will be hosting the next SF Curators Salon on March 13 with the main topic: Trust and Native Advertising. 

Here are the details:

I will conduct three short interviews of about 20 minutes each, the main one will be with the founders of InPowered (above). (Here's a recent interview with Peyman Nilforoush and Pirouz Nilforoush.)

We will also have an interview with Fred Davis, a co-founder of Wired and many other publications. Fred worked closely with Bill Ziff, one of the most successful publishers of tech magazines. Fred will talk about Ziff's leadership and his insights into how to create successful media publications. Ziff's philosophy is very timely as many companies try to figure out how to become media companies.

The first interview will be with Carla Schlemminger, as part of a series that spotlights members of SF Creators salon. Carla has worked with many startups and helped them craft media and marketing strategies. She will share stories of what works and common mistakes.

Thanks to InPowered for their hospitality, drinks, and food!

InPowered offers a unique service that focuses on finding trusted content that hasn't been created by brands. This content can then be promoted widely. It has a very important role in consumer purchasing decisions.

Afterwards we will adjourn to Hi Dive on Pier 28.

The event is free but register early!

SF Creators Salon is a closed group on Facebook but it is accepting small numbers of new members.

Here's my views on native advertising: Native Ads Are The Worst Idea In The World - NYTimes Is Clueless