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Newswatch: Google Tells Newspapers It's Not Our Fault And You Should Have Seen It Coming

Wednesday 8am Silicon Valley news report:

Google CEO Calls for New Web Journalism

Google Inc. Chief Executive Eric Schmidt called on newspaper executives to create a "new format" for online journalism, including new delivery models that give consumers personalized content they want to read.

Google Responds to AP’s Tougher Stance

Some readers, users and journalists have asked us if the AP’s plan is about Google since we host complete AP articles, writes Alexander Macgillivray. The answer is that it doesn’t appear to pertain to Google since we host those articles in partnership with the AP.

Should Yahoo Buy The New York Times? | Barron's

I’m not sure the world is ready for the New York Yahoo-Gawker Times, but who knows?

They Pay for Cable, Music and Extra Bags. How About News? | NYTimes

With newspapers and magazines, there have to be features you can't get anywhere else, and maybe part of what you would pay for is the privilege of helping the business survive, but that is more of a difficult sell.

Zipcar Plans Partnership With Zimride | WSJ

The company won a $250,000 grant from Facebook in 2008 as part of that site's effort to support innovative applications and discourage application clutter. The Facebook integration builds trust and "makes it fun and social," says John Zimmer, 25-year-old chief operating officer of Zimride.

Answering Baseball’s What-Ifs | NYTimes

Rather than writing an equation that tries to take into account the trillions of trillions of possible hands and moves, a statistician can run a computer program that simply plays the game a few million times in minutes to see how often it wins. Dr. Morris says he has seen the Monte Carlo method used to improve computer graphics and explore gene sequences.

More Clouds at Sun: Top Chip Engineer Departs | NYTimes

Mr. Tremblay is the third key hardware executive to leave in short succession — a painful trend at a technology company that prides itself on out-engineering rivals.

Digital Piracy Spreads, and Defies a Fix | NYTimes

A panel of entertainment executives and others chronicled what appeared to be a largely failing effort to stem the illegal sale of copyrighted material in an increasingly wired world.

Google buying Twitter? Maybe not. | SFGate

If true, the buyout would be a major development in the technology industry. Google would be getting a fast-growing microblogging service that has emerged as a social phenomenon over the past year.

iPhone Video Recording Interface, Digital Compass, Voice Control and Auto-Focus Camera

A new finding, however, should put to rest any doubts about whether or not Apple is planning to include video recording in future iPhones.

Window Into The Wireless Future | Forbes

The message: every technology in Korea, from broadband to digital television, is designed to be always on, always with you.

Why Is Gmail Still in Beta? | Slate

Google has decided to leave its product in beta rather than issuing updates in the familiar system of numbered software versions—1.0, 2.0, and so on. Those distinctions make more sense when tech consumers are purchasing software on CD-ROMs or downloading it onto their hard drives.

Uncovering the art of the New Deal | Contra Costa Times

For the past several years, the UC Berkeley scholar and his team of fellow academics have been busy documenting the art and architecture of a lost civilization.

Yahoo music overhaul | SFGate

In the coming months, Yahoo said it will open its music site to any company that creates a widget, or module, to sell or stream music and give recording companies editorial control of their artists' pages. Minor artists who don't currently have a page on Yahoo Music will be invited to create their own.

Who Has The Most Photos Of Them All? Hint: It Is Not Facebook | TechCrunch

Facebook users are adding photos at a rate of 850 million photos a month, compared to 100 million photos a month by ImageShack users.