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Newswatch: Google Sets Dangerous Precendent -NYTimes

Tuesday 8am Silicon Valley news report:

Use Their Work Free? Some Artists Say No to Google -NYTimes

“When a company like Google comes out very publicly and expects that the market would just give them free artwork, it sets a very dangerous precedent.”

Music cos. vow to show Minn. woman shared 24 songs -AP

Marks estimated that only a few hundred of the more than 30,000 illegal music sharing lawsuits the industry has filed still remain unresolved, and that fewer than 10 defendants including Thomas-Rasset are actively fighting them. He said their intent is not to be punitive, but to provide an effective deterrent.

Sun Micro kills "Rock" high-end chip project: report -Reuters

News of the chip's demise came after Oracle Chief Executive Larry Ellison recently said he planned to boost investment in developing Sun's server chips after he closes the acquisition.

Tech Museum celebrates 10th birthday amid renewed optimism -SiliconValley.com

"The Tech Museum is one of the anchors of our downtown. It has attracted 5 million people here in the last decade," said Mayor Chuck Reed on Sunday.

Hot papers at 2009 VLSI Technology Symposium -EETimes

We are getting close to the tipping point for solid-state drives. I think it is more than hype as the next couple of years are bound to prove. So it should be no surprise that this list is biased toward nonvolatile memory.

Amazon’s Bezos’s ‘Strong Opinions’ on Google Settlement -WSJ

Critics of the Google book settlement say the agreement, which lets publishers and authors share profit with Google from online sales of their works, could limit competition in the nascent digital book market. It is one of several matters in which the search giant faces regulatory attention.

7 Tips for Keeping IT Employees Upbeat -NYTimes

Strong staff morale is critical to ensuring that productivity and retention levels remain high. The organizations on Computerworld's Best Places to Work in IT list come from diverse industries and vary in size and geographic reach, but they all share a common feature: They're focused on maintaining an upbeat work environment and sustaining employee morale.

Apple, Google, Palm rule smart phones -SFGate

"Each of these organizations has raised the standard in their own individual way," said analyst J. Gerry Purdy of Frost & Sullivan, who coined the Golden Triangle term for the three companies. "Palm has multitasking and synergy, while with Android, you have a flexible and customizable user interface, and with Apple, you have a tightly integrated product.

Survey: Family time eroding as Internet use soars -AP

more people say they are worried about how much time kids and teenagers spend online. In 2000, when the center began its annual surveys on Americans and the Internet, only 11 percent of respondents said that family members under 18 were spending too much time online. By 2008, that grew to 28 percent.

Data-Driven Schools See Rising Scores -WSJ

The high-tech strategy, which uses intensified assessments and the real-time collection of test scores, grades and other data to identify problems and speed up interventions, has just received a huge boost from President Barack Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan.

Technology to keep students, parents in touch -SFGate

"to learn to turn to people other than your parents," said Barbara Hofer, a professor of psychology at Middlebury College in Vermont. "It's part of growing up, part of becoming an independent person."

Universal Music and Virgin Reach a Download Deal -NYTimes

Analysts said Virgin, which has more than seven million broadband customers, might have been willing to yield on copyright enforcement because it also produces and sells content via its cable television system, unlike many broadband providers, which simply serve as a conduit for content.

Virgin Strikes U.K. Music Deal -WSJ

U.K. cable provider Virgin Media Inc. said it will introduce an unlimited, music-download service in partnership with Vivendi SA's Universal Music publishing arm.