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Newswatch: Craigslist Founder Calls Social-Media Participation Patriotic -WSJ

Thursday 8am Silicon Valley news report:

Ray Ozzie Asserts Microsoft’s Position In The Cloud -TechCrunchIT

...every company, every ISV is going to have some blend of software that runs on-premises and some that runs in the cloud, and everyone wants tools that they can use to in essence deploy some apps to part of their organization that might be in the cloud, another part of their organization that might be on-premises, to do that on an application by application or region by region by region or program by program basis.”

Craigslist Founder Calls Social-Media Participation Patriotic -WSJ

“I view us all as customers of government, state and federal,” he said. “Part of the new normal needs to be civic engagement on all levels.”

Social MTV: Blip.fm Adds YouTube Videos -GigaOM

Social music site Blip.fm added YouTube videos to its music feed today, allowing users to turn its “Twitter for music” service into a social video playlisting site. The free service, which allows users to listen to songs and share them in playlists that resemble Twitter’s interface, now includes a window for watching videos as the songs play.

Researchers create DVDs with massive storage -Reuters

The researchers, who have signed a deal with Samsung Electronics, said the technique had allowed them to store 1.6 terabytes of data on a disc with the potential to one day store up to 10 terabytes.

I.B.M. Unveils Real-Time Software to Find Trends in Vast Data Sets -NYTimes

Instead of creating separate large databases to track things like currency movements, stock trading patterns and housing data, the System S software can meld all of that information together. In addition, it could theoretically then layer on databases that tracked current events, like news headlines on the Internet or weather fluctuations, to try to gauge how such factors interplay with the financial data.

France's Sarkozy adds flirty twist to Facebook site -Reuters

French President Nicolas Sarkozy, eager to show himself as a man of the people, has revamped his Facebook networking page with home videos of him flirting and discussing world politics with his wife, Carla.

Welcome Back, Sam Has 7 Friends! Um, So Where’d You Go? -NYTimes

is a two-year absence long enough for old fans to feel nostalgic? Will new audiences find the drama of Sam compelling in a much more cluttered landscape? And will Sam’s previous notoriety serve as a boost for Prom Queen’s return?

Facebook Finally Gives Apps Some Love -NYTimes

On Wednesday, Facebook is overhauling its application listings and rolling out its long-awaited “verified apps program.” Developers can pay $375 so their programs get prioritized placement on the site

Broadband Around the World -NYTimes

For broadband penetration, the United States is in the middle of the pack, slightly above average for O.E.C.D. member countries:

Germany to Google: Erase raw street-level images -AP

A data protection official for Germany said Wednesday that Google had yet to meet a key request that photos gathered for its panoramic mapping service be erased after they are sent to the United States for processing.

Cable: let us experiment with metered Internet -ars technica

According to McSlarrow, there's no particular rush to pick one business model, and the industry has no "grand plan" hashed out by cigar-smoking executives in clubby back rooms. In his view, though, cable needs to do the experiments to make sure that the Internet survives the coming bandwidth apocalypse.

Daimler buys stake in Tesla -SFGate

Tesla executives hope Daimler's investment will help the company achieve its ultimate goal - fine-tuning the technology to create zero-emission, all-electric vehicles with less astronomical prices. The firm is now working on a sedan, expected to come out in 2011, that will cost about $50,000.

NebuAd closing doors after Internet privacy woes -AP

Although individual Web sites routinely target advertising, privacy advocates argued that NebuAd's all-encompassing approach went too far, and said consumers' overall Web surfing should be tracked only if they opted into the system.

NetApp to buy Data Domain in $1.5 billion deal -AP

NetApp said it plans to operate Data Domain as a product line. The company said it has the "distribution channels and international reach to offer Data Domain products to more customers, accelerating growth and market adoption."