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Newswatch: Apple has a Variety of New Gadgets -Reuters

Friday 8am Silicon Valley news report:

Suspense builds ahead of Apple extravaganza -Reuters

While many analysts believe Apple has a variety of new gadgets in the pipeline -- from new iPhone models to a long rumored, so-called tablet mini-PC -- the company has said the conference will focus on important but less sexy software operating system upgrades.

Sony joins Universal, YouTube for music video site -Reuters

The move marks the first major record label besides co-founder Universal to sign on to the service to be called Vevo and expected to launch later this year. Sony and YouTube could not immediately be reached for comment.

Intel, an infrequent acquirer, snaps up Wind River -SFGate

One reason Intel wants more diversification is that it's getting hard to rely on continual growth from microprocessors with smaller circuitry. The pace of innovation required to keep up with Moore's Law — the famous prediction by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore

Web Series Tied to ‘Blade Runner’ Is In the Works -NYTimes

In an indication that the filmmakers are interested in exploring a new kind of collective, social creativity, the episodes in the series will be released under a Creative Commons license, marking the first time a major Hollywood director has embraced that alternative licensing scheme.

Tesla Motors to open seven sales, service centers this summer -SiliconValley.com

This past weekend, Tesla delivered its 500th Roadster in the United States. In late June, Tesla will begin producing the Roadster Sport, a higher-performance electric car that goes from 0 to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds.

Online job ads up by 250K, research group reports -MercuryNews

The May gain was the first monthly increase since a rise of 21,000 in October 2008. And it was the largest since online ads rose 198,300 in October 2006.

Tony La Russa sues Twitter over alleged fake page -AP

La Russa's lawsuit said the page bearing his name was hurtful to the 64-year-old manager, who has led the Cardinals since 1996 and also managed the Chicago White Sox and Oakland A's during a 30-year managerial career.

FTC shuts allegedly rogue Internet provider -AP

The FTC says the case marks the first time the agency has ordered the shuttering of an Internet provider. The agency has usually focused on taking out harmful Web sites individually.

Twitter Users Talk About Themselves, Other Guys -WSJ

Ten percent of tweets contain a question, says Oxford, publisher of the Oxford dictionary and other reference works.

The White House and Web 2.0: Reality Sets In -ReadWriteWeb

The one recurring motif in this memo is that it is hard for the White House to scale its operation in order to really engage the public, and that politics obviously often get in the way. It obviously also doesn't help that the White House staff can't rely on the hundreds of volunteers

Is the Hacking Threat to National Security Overblown? -Wired

“We can see why the press and government agencies talk about cyber-terror and cyberwar,” Lin said, referring ostensibly to page views and budgets, respectively. “But we don’t consider spies inside the United States to be an attack on the United States.”

An online Terms of Service watchdog -SFGate

The Electronic Frontier Foundation today launched a new online tool that tracks changes in the Terms of Service agreements of 44 Web sites like Google, eBay, Amazon, Craigslist and Facebook.

Unwritten Code Rules Silicon Valley Hiring -NYTimes

“Most companies have a hands-off list,” said Ken Perluss, who recently left Yahoo as director for talent acquisition after more than 11 years with the company. “It tells recruiters, ‘Don’t recruit from this company. They are our partner.’ ”