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Newswatch: Act of Work a Collective Journey -ZDNet

Friday 8am Silicon Valley news report:

Reconciling social computing with the enterprise -ZDNet

Jeff Jarvis and Michael Arrington made similar points over the weekend about process vs. product, ostensibly about their particular industry (journalism) and how social processes are competing — often more effectively, though very differently — with traditional, non-social “product” creations, namely news stories.

A New List of How Much AT&T Knows About You -NYTimes

Taken as a whole, the new document shows that AT&T has access to a vast amount of information about people, and it claims the right for all parts of AT&T to do almost anything with that data, including trying to sell customers other services, set prices and sell advertising to other companies.

Controlling Virtual Worlds with Your Mind -h+

The EEG-based headset passes your brain’s electrical signals to software on your PC, which extracts patterns and translates them. Without moving a muscle, you can move worlds on your PC.

DLNA flunks Best Buy's tests _EETimes

The new video profile could play a key role in next-generation residential gateways that send metadata from a service provider to a consumer's digital TV set, letting H.264 silicon in the TV render the video. Systems using that approach could appear as early as next year, he added.

Tesla Founder Sues Company, CEO Elon Musk -NYTimes

Martin Eberhard, founder of Tesla Motors, the anointed darling of the electric vehicle industry, has filed suit against the company and its current leader, Elon Musk (right), who he accuses of slander, mismanagement, and, bizarrely, giving him a damaged Tesla roadster (the firm’s first product).

Environmental program helps companies save energy -MercuryNews

"We're really helping to create the next generation of business leaders who will automatically look at the environment as a business opportunity," said Elizabeth Sturcken, managing director of corporate partnerships at EDF.

Yahoo names new CFO, fills void left by shake-up -AP

Yahoo said Thursday it has plucked Tim Morse from chip maker Altera Corp. (ALTR) to serve as CFO.
He fills a job vacated by Blake Jorgensen, who left in February as part of an overhaul by Yahoo's new chief executive, Carol Bartz.

MySpace prepares for "massive" layoffs: report -Reuters

A search and advertising deal with Google Inc will expire in July 2010, and it is unclear whether the two sides will renew. MySpace derives $300 million a year from that deal, and most Wall Street analysts believe there is no chance that Google will forge a deal on similar terms.

Microsoft to unveil free anti-virus software -Reuters

"Microsoft's free product is basically a stripped down version of the OneCare product Microsoft pulled from the shelves," said Symantec Consumer division president Janice Chaffin. "A full Internet security suite is what consumers require today to stay fully protected."

Whoops! iPhone 3G S Specs Leaked Online -SFGate

The truth, of course, is that Apple's secret wouldn't have stayed quiet much longer, anyhow. With the 3G S set to hit store shelves next Friday, the iPhone's deepest alleys are just days away from being fully explored. Still, between this and T-Mobile's leaked data fiasco, one has to imagine it's a good week to be anywhere but inside the T-Mobile corporate conference room.

Microsoft to Sell Windows in E.U. Without Browser -NYTimes

Microsoft Corp said on Thursday it would ship the newest version of its Windows operating system in Europe without its Internet Explorer web browser, in a move to counter European regulators' concerns that the company unfairly forces out competition from other browser makers.

Kiva to make microloans inside the U.S. -SFGate

The San Francisco non-profit has arranged microloans for borrowers in Africa and other parts of the developing world since 2005. Now it will also serve borrowers in the U.S.