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Newswatch 9.6.07: iPhone price cuts irk early buyers

iPhone price cut angers early adopters

[Boston Globe] The dramatic price cut has angered some consumers who paid the higher price. "I was happy to pay full price thinking that I'd at least get a couple months out of it before the price went down, say, $100," said Richard W. Joseph, 32, a doctor at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, and a member of EverythingiPhone .com, a website devoted to the phone. "Going down $200 17 days after I bought it is very upsetting."

New HP Blackbird and iPaqs

[PC World] HP's new gaming PC, the Blackbird 002 LCi, is made from aluminum and is liquid-cooled to enhance performance. The Blackbird was created by designers of VoodooPC Inc., which HP acquired last year."

NetApp sues Sun over 7 patents

[Mercury News] Experts in patent law say the suit, filed this morning in U.S. District Court in Lufkin, Texas, could become a test case of how to treat open-source software that improperly includes patented technology. "This is something people feared for a long time was coming," said Mark A. Lemley, a law professor at Stanford University.

On-demand video box rolls out with 5,000 movies

[Reuters] Unlike other Internet-based movies services, the two-year-old Santa Clara, California-based start-up said the service lets viewers watch high definition films on regular television screens by downloading them over the Internet. Movies are stored on Vudu set-top boxes, co-founder Tony Miranz said.

Intel intros new quad-core Xeons for virtualization

[Newsfactor.com] Intel claims the new Xeon 7300 chips are ideal for virtualization, offering not only twice the cores but also up to four times the memory capacity of earlier multiprocessor platforms. VMware was on hand for the Intel announcement, stating that the two companies worked together to optimize the VMware ESX Server for the Xeon 7300.