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Newswatch 9.5.07: iPod? iPhone? Both?

iPod touch to cell carriers: F- you

[PC Mag] Demonstrating the iPod touch, Steve played Beck's song "Cellphone's Dead"—really, Steve?—and pointed out that the iPod touch's Wi-Fi "is not only faster than 2.5G, but it's faster than any 3G network." Then he rolled out a music store for the iPhone that doesn't seem to work on AT&T's EDGE network, only over Wi-Fi. Ouch!

touch, cheaper iPhone creates a compelling lineup for Apple

[Newsfactor] "This is very, very aggressive for the technology they're delivering," Michael Gartenberg, an analyst with Jupiter Research said in a telephone interview from the event, "The fact they made this cut early on shows that Apple is being quite aggressive in terms of bringing new consumers in the purchase funnel," he said.

Palm dumps Foleo portable

[InfoWeek] Palm on Tuesday killed development of the Foleo, an ultramobile, Linux-based computer, saying the company needs to focus all its resources on developing its next-generation smartphones instead. Part of that effort includes a new Linux-based operating system that Palm plans to use across its future smartphones.

NBC signs with Amazon after dumping Apple

[NYT] The media conglomerate, part of General Electric, said yesterday that Amazon had agreed to give it something that Apple would not: greater flexibility in the pricing and packaging of video downloads.

Facebook lets users opt to go public

[Register] In a major move, the social networking site said on Wednesday that it intends to make a limited public listing service available to people who are not logged in to Facebook, meaning that non-members will be able to look for friends or acquaintances via a search box on the Facebook home page. Information contained in the listing service will also be accessible via search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN Live.

MSFT releases Silverlight

[PC Mag] "Microsoft will be delivering Silverlight Media Codecs for Linux, and Novell will be building a 100 percent compatible Silverlight runtime implementation," Guthrie wrote in a blog post.

MSFT cuts Zune price

[PC World] The Zune device from Microsoft now costs US$199, $50 less than its original price tag. Microsoft announced the price cut on its Zune Insider blog on Tuesday, a day before Apple was rumored to be introducing new iPod models at an event in San Francisco, which the company did indeed do.

HP's Voodoo to produce Blackbird gaming PC

[News.com] The HP Blackbird 002 is the first joint effort with Voodoo, the Canadian enthusiast PC maker that HP purchased a year ago. HP is expected to unveil the souped-up PC at a special event in New York on Wednesday evening.