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Newswatch 9.26.07: MSFT should junk Vista

AMZN takes on AAPL

[Bloomberg] The MP3 service offers 2.3 million songs from more than 180,000 artists, Amazon.com said yesterday. The songs, most priced from 89 to 99 cents, don't have software that limits how customers can store and play them.

WiMax chip aimed at a future market

[PC World] Motorola Inc. unveiled a WiMax client chipset on Tuesday and praised Sprint's strategy of leaving WiMax clients to device makers and retailers. But that plan, a change of pace from U.S. carriers' usual practice of selling and subsidizing phones themselves, could take years to pay off in the mass market.

Are web giants looking to push out ad agencies?

[AdWeek] When Martin Sorrell used the term "frenemy" to describe WPP's view of Google, he struck a chord in an industry wary of Internet giants' growing might. Since then, concerns have grown even more as both Google and Microsoft edge further into agency services.

HuffPost raises $5m more

HuffingtonPost, the uber-blog, has quietly raised another $5 million in a second institutional round of funding. The round included all previous investors: Softbank Capital, Greycroft Partners, CEO and co-founder Ken Lerer and Bob Pittman’s Pilot Group.

MSFT must abandon Vista to save itself

[News.com] While Vista was originally touted by Microsoft as the operating system savior we've all been waiting for, it has turned out to be one of the biggest blunders in technology. With a host of issues that are inexcusable and features that are taken from the Mac OS X and Linux playbook, Microsoft has once again lost sight of what we really want.

And VoIP comes to iPhone

[GigaOM] Truphone, a UK-based maker of software that allows you to send and receive phone calls over Wi-Fi on Nokia (NOK) mobile phones, has started showing off an iPhone-version of its offering at the DEMOfall conference. ruphone CEO James Tagg earlier this morning, and he said that the software will be available for download later this year — perhaps by December.

T-Mobile intros Sidekicks

[AP] T-Mobile USA is updating its Sidekick cell phones, adding a high-end model and the first Motorola-built entry in the line of quirky gadgets with a screen that swivels to reveal a keyboard.