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Newswatch 9.21.07: Intel, Toshiba claim breakthroughs

GOOG patents spell out drive into enterprise

[InfoWeek] The filings with the United States Patent Trademark Office are all defined by the concept of "container" patents -- so called because they describe a computer within a computer concept for applications that use multiple servers.

Mossberg: Lovely touch short on battery

[WSJ] It seems ridiculous to me to sell a powerful device with Wi-Fi and a huge screen, and to leave out things like an email program, even though you can use Web-based email programs. I assume Apple was concerned that the less costly Touch might compete too much with the iPhone if it had these features.

NBC offers free show downloads -- with commercials

[NYT] Jeff Gaspin, the president of the NBC Universal television group, told Bill Carter in the Times that the files would degrade after seven days “Kind of like ‘Mission: Impossible,’ only I don’t think there would be any explosion and smoke.”

Nokia launches Wi-Fi phone

[Reuters] Nokia, the world's top cell phone maker, unveiled on Thursday a new phone featuring unlicensed mobile access, or UMA, technology. Nokia said this new UMA model, the 6301, will begin shipping in Europe in the fourth quarter for about $322

French iPhone contract goes to Orange

[AP] Thursday's announcement came days after Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs visited Britain and Germany to unveil similar deals with mobile operator O2 and Deutsche Telekom AG. The iPhone, a combined cell phone-iPod media player that also can wirelessly access the Internet, will go on sale in all three countries in November — in time for the holiday season.

Intel chips for mini-devices

[Mercury News] "The opportunity here is explosive," said Senior Vice President Anand Chandrasekher. "The full Internet in your pocket is a major transformation. It is not possible today." Intel's first Silverthorne chip is scheduled for release in the first half of next year and is on track to achieve a tenfold reduction in power use - an achievement Intel initially expected in 2010.

Toshiba stream processor breaking out of PS3

[Newsfactor.com] On October 2, a prototype of the SpursEngine will be used in notebook PCs at CEATEC Japan 2007, as well as in special concept notebooks. To show its capabilities, the demonstration will include real-time, 3D "face morphing" of hairstyles and makeup on actual video of individuals.