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Newswatch 9.19.07: Murdoch to set WSJ free

Murdoch plans to set WSJ free

[Reuters] "Will you lose $50 million to $100 million in revenue? I don't think so," Murdoch said. "If the site is good, you'll get much more." His comments came a day after the New York Times Co said it would end its paid TimesSelect service to attract more online ads.

MPAA wants to 'deepen relationship' with ISPs

[Ars Technica] "Their revenue bases depend on legitimate operations of their networks and more and more they're finding their networks crowded with infringed material, bandwidth space being crowded out," Glickman said."Many of them are actually getting into the content business directly or indirectly. This is not an us-versus-them issue."

Senate plans hearing on DoubleClick deal

[News.com] According to an aide, the U.S. Senate Judiciary subcommittee that deals with antitrust issues has scheduled a hearing for September 27 entitled "An Examination of the Google-DoubleClick Merger and the Online Advertising Industry: What Are the Risks for Competition and Privacy?"

iPhone launch announced for UK, Germany

[Newsfactor.com] Along with pegging the launch dates for the iPhone in German and the UK, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced for the first time that Apple would work to disable the rash of iPhone unlocking programs currently available for sale and for free. "It's a cat-and-mouse game," he said. "People will try to break in, and it's our job to stop them breaking in."

SCO may fold

[News.com] Having filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, SCO claims it may go under permanently, depending on how much the court decides it owes Novell.

SAP unveils web software (finally)

[NYT] Called Business ByDesign, the software is initially a one-size-fits-all, subscription-based package aimed at mid-sized companies and is a crucial plank in SAP's strategy to more than double its customer base to 100,000 by 2010. "It's not just a new product for us," Chief Executive Henning Kagermann told journalists and analysts at a company event in New York. "It's a new era for SAP."

HP backs African recycling research

[News.com] Hewlett-Packard is funding a project to investigate how electronic waste generated by African companies, as well as material from Western businesses that is dumped illegally, can be disposed of in a safer and more environmentally friendly way.