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Newswatch 9.14.07: iPhone credit not for iTunes

APPL excludes iTunes from $100 iPhone credit

[Bloomberg] ``People will get their $100 and they'll find lots of other gadgets to buy,'' Andy Hargreaves of Pacific Crest Securities in Portland, Oregon said. He rates the shares ``outperform'' and owns some. ``You'll get people buying new iPods or another iPhone.''

Verizon sues to stop open access rules for auction

[Newsfactor.com] "Agency action goes to appellate court with the presumption that the agency is correct," Washington lawyer Philip Verveer explained. In addition, courts tend to defer to executive agencies in technical matters. "This matter is one where the FCC's discretion under the statute is very broad. Any appeal of agency action is going to have a very difficult time," he said.

GOOG calls for global privacy rights

[InformationWeek] "...Google is calling for a discussion about international privacy standards which work to protect everyone's privacy on the Internet," said Google privacy counsel Peter Fleischer. "These standards must be clear and strong, mindful of commercial realities, and in line with oftentimes divergent political needs. Moreover, global privacy standards need to reflect technological realities, taking into account how quickly these realities can change."

Demo debate mashup

[Boston Globe] "Unfortunately most people who are not engaged in politics are not going to sit down for an hour and a half to watch a debate," said political commentator Arianna Huffington, cofounder of the Huffington Post. "We don't want to give up on these people, and we want to allow them to participate in the way that they want to participate. With a little luck, they'll become engaged."

Prince, Village People sue YouTube

[News.com] Somebody combined the Village People's hit song, "YMCA," with footage of a dancing Adolf Hitler and posted the clip to YouTube. Now the company that owns the rights to the band's music is preparing to sue YouTube.

YHOO acquires BuzzTracker

[Wired] The road to Yahoo's 100 day reform is paved with acquisitions as the web portal is set to announce its purchase of BuzzTracker from Chicago-based Participate Media later today. Early speculation has the purchase price of the news aggregation site falling somewhere between $5-$7 million.