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Newswatch 9.12.07: iPhone unlocked for free

iPhone unlocked for free or pay

[Newsfactor.com] The iPhone Dev Team announced it had developed a free alternative to iPhoneSimFree's product. But the procedure involves downloading several different software packages, executing commands from a shell, and following other instructions. "This unlock is not for everybody!" the team's Web page warned.

NTP sues carriers over email patents

[Ars Technica] NTP, best known for extracting a $612.5 million settlement from BlackBerry makers Research In Motion, has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against AT&T, Sprint Nextel, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless. The lawsuit alleges that the cellular carriers' offerings of devicies and applications capable of sending and receiving mobile e-mail infringe on several patents owned by NTP.

YHOO to sell ads for Bebo

[PC World] Under the deal, Yahoo will sell the majority of Bebo's display ads for the U.K. and Ireland, reaching around 11.6 million users per month, the companies said, siting traffic statistics from comScore Networks Inc. About 75 percent of the U.K.'s Internet users visit Bebo, particularly 13 to 24-year-olds.

Scott is out of the house: Sun selling servers with Windows

[InformationWeek] The announcement comes as no great shock to the system, except for Sun's channel partners, since a growing percentage of Sun customers were already running Windows on Sun servers anyway. "You could say it's about time," says IDC Research VP Al Gillen.

States want to extend Microsoft antitrust terms

[TechNewsWorld] The six states -- California, Connecticut, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota and Massachusetts -- as well as the District of Columbia, are especially concerned about the part of the judgment impacting middleware products, where the group argues Microsoft remains a massive market share leader. A large portion of the judgment's enforcement actions runs out in November.

Treo 500v a cheap smartphone for Europe

[PCWorld] As part of a strategy to generate greater revenue from mobile data services, Vodafone Group PLC has collaborated with Palm Inc. to launch a smartphone

modeled after the Treo 750v but at a fraction of the price and with a newly designed user interface.

Sony to launch four BluRay recorders in Japan

[Reuters] The new models, capable of storing up to 16 hours of high-definition programs on a dual-layer 50GB Blu-ray disc, will go on sale on November 8.Sony's previous models, launched last year, were unable to record on a dual-layer disc.

Does Capgemini deal mean trouble for Office?

[Redmond Channel Partner] The impetus for the question was the announcement that technology consultancy Capgemini will begin recommending Google Inc.'s top-level online suite of office software -- Google Apps Premier Edition (GAPE) -- to its corporate customers.