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Newswatch 9.11.07: Barcelona thrills, Apple's spectrum tease

Partners sing homage to Barcelona

[Register] Skipping the fact that AMD has launched the chip that was originally code-named Barcelona six months late and at only 2Ghz performance, many of the firm's first tier partners instead sang the praises of virtualisation, energy efficiency and something the chipmaker dubbed as "investment protection."

So that's $100m in free iPods

[FT] Apple on Monday dispelled some of the concerns that have gathered around sales of the new iPhone as it announced that 1m of the gadgets had been sold by last weekend. Coming some three weeks before the target date that the technology company had set for hitting the 1m milestone, the news helped to calm fears that had been provoked by a surprisingly big price cut it announced for the handset in the middle of last week.

Take two printouts and call me in the morning

[PC World] HP researchers have developed a medical patch that uses thermal inkjet technology to painlessly administer drugs to a patient. The patch uses microneedles to inject drugs just below a patient's skin and can be programmed to precisely control the amount and timing of each dose that is delivered.

First look at iTunes ringtones

[Apple Insider] Making good on its promise, Apple on Tuesday unlocked a new feature of iTunes that allows iPhone owners to create their own custom ringtones, though an initial pool of compatible songs appears to be extremely limited.

APPL bid for spectrum unlikely

[Newsfactor.com] From the day the iPhone was released, consumers have had one persistent complaint -- the lock-in to AT&T and its poky data network. Steve Jobs is no fan of wireless carriers. In fact, he has called them "orifices" in the past, and at last week's announcement of the iPhone price cut, he didn't even mention his partner, AT&T. Is it possible, then, that Jobs would act to cut the stranglehold wireless carriers have on mobile communications?

Skype users slammed by new virus

[Newsfactor.com] When users click on the link to a supposed image, a Windows dialog box pops up. If the user runs or saves the file, the machine will be infected with the worm. The worm uses Skype's application programming interface (API) to access the PC.

IBM develops nanoprinting

[SciAm] Researchers from IBM's Zurich Research Lab and Switzerland's ETH Zurich science and technology university today announced the development of a dramatic new printing process that can manipulate nanosize particles to create larger images.

IBM adds Lotus Notes code to OO.o

[InformationWeek] IBM will donate part of the code behind its Lotus Notes package to OpenOffice.org, a Sun-backed group that offers open source office software as a free download. IBM officials said the move is part of a broader effort that IBM is undertaking to support OpenOffice.org.

Get your server baked with hypervisor

[ComputerWorld] VMWare announced the ESX Server 3i hypervisor on Monday. And today, VMware CEO Diane Greene told a standing-room-only crowd at the company's annual user conference here that embedding the new software directly into systems will enable hardware vendors to sell servers optimized for virtualization.