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Newswatch 9.10.07: Barcelona launches

AMD launches Barcelona

[PC World] Supercomputer users were among Opteron's earliest adopters, and that is one piece of Opteron history that may be repeated with release of the quad-core Barcelona. What may well become the world's largest supercomputer is now being built at the Texas Advanced Computing Center with Barcelona chips.

APPL sells a million (overpriced) iPhones

[Telegraph] Apple has sold its millionth iPhone in the United States, just 74 days after the touch-screen mobile phone went on sale, and amidst increasing criticism over Apple’s decision to slash the price of its 8GB handset by $200 to $399 and discontinue the 4GB model.

Might AAPL bid on spectrum?

[Business Week] At this point, says one of the sources, Apple is leaning against participating in the auction. It's not the money. Rather, the risk for Apple is in entering the generally low-margin, hardscrabble world of running a massive-scale network.

GOOG taps Capgemini for IT services for Google Apps

[PC World] The partnership with Capgemini, one of the world's largest IT services companies with over 75,000 employees in 32 countries, makes Google Apps more palatable to large organizations that prefer IT services providers to assist them with changes and additions to their large, complex IT architectures.

SanDisk launches 16GB flash-memory video player

[PC World] The SansaView will have a 2.4in wide-screen display on which users can view DivX video content converted using the Sansa Media Converter as well as the H.264, Mpeg4 and Windows Media Video content the player natively supports. The FM radio will have 20 station presets and SanDisk will also include a line-in recording feature.

VMWare now comes with the hardware

[NYT] The computer makers have agreed to put VMware’s hypervisor — the software socket in which the company’s virtual machines run — on their hardware (in flash memory on the motherboard). To get the nod, VMware accomplished the technical feat of shrinking its hypervisor more than 60-fold, from 2 gigabytes to 32 megabytes, says Bogomil Balkansky, senior director of product marketing.

In UK, Vodaphone or iPhone?

[Guardian] Competing mobile music service, to be launched in time for Christmas, will give its UK customers unlimited access to over a million music tracks. But MusicStation, created by a group of British dotcom millionaires, has a catch. When customers stop paying the £1.99 a week subscription, their music collection becomes unplayable.