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Newswatch 8.8.07: Brocade CEO guilty on all counts

Newsome sends Wi-Fi to voters

[AP] Hoping to break a political impasse, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom has submitted a ballot measure asking voters whether they support blanketing the city with a wireless Wi-Fi system that would enable free Web surfing subsidized by ads from Google Inc.

Hearst to buy Kaboodle

[Reuters] "We understand very well that people want to collaborate while shopping," Hearst Interactive President Kenneth Bronfin told Reuters. "We think this marriage of community with shopping is a big and important prospect."

Universal invests in Loud.com

[Digital Media News] "Universal's strategy is to become actively involved in all areas of media where our artists and our music are present," said UMG vice chairman and CFO Nick Henny.

GOOG News now has comments

[News.com] Users of the U.S. version of Google News will now be able to comment on a story, that is assuming they're somehow involved in it. The process is not for everyone, and in fact requires a lengthy verification process of sending off your comment and credentials to a special Google e-mail address, and later verifying your identity via domain name and an e-mail follow-up from Google staff.

Jury throws the book at Ex-Brocade CEO Reyes

[TopTechNews] Reyes is convicted on all counts of fraud and conspiracy, as a chill descends upon the Valley, expecially lawyers.

Hard drive breakthrough

[ComputerWorld] Fujitsu says it has successfully demonstrated the ability to perform basic read/write capability of each individual nanohole of the patterned media using a typical flying head on a rotating disk. That breakthrough could lead the company to produce hard drives with storage capacities of up to 1.2TB on a two-platter, 2.5-in. drive as soon as 2010