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Newswatch 8.29.07: Earthlink cuts 900 as bottom drops out of muni Wifi

Google CFO retires early

[Infoworld] There doesn't appear to be any controversy associated with Reyes' departure, which is expected to happen by the end of the year. In fact, Reyes will assist Google in the search for his replacement, Google said.

Meet the Apple iCar?
[News.com] Apple and Volkswagen are reported to be in talks about an "iCar" or car integration system, according to reports from German magazine Capital and the Associated Press. Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Audi Chairman Martin Winterkorn, who heads the Audi brand group that includes Volkswagen, met recently in California to discuss ideas, but no concrete plans, a Volkswagen representative told the Associated Press.

Security concerns over VoIP

[News.com] Following disclosure of an eavesdropping vulnerability, the Jericho Forum says VoIP tech is not ready for business deployment.

Another iPhone unlocking video

[InfoWorld] In the six-minute video, posted on the iphoneunlocking.com blog , John McLaughlin, founder of Uniquephones, is seen with a PC and an iPhone unlocking the device using software from his company.

What does model railroad software have to do with the future of the Internet?

[Infoworld] A recent federal court ruling pertaining to open-source software in model railroads could derail enforcement of open-source licenses altogether, according to Mark Radcliffe, general counsel for the Open Source Initiative.

Earthlink cuts 900 jobs

[AP] Shares of the Internet service provider EarthLink climbed sharply Tuesday after it said it would cut 900 jobs — about half its work force — and close four offices in an effort to reduce operating costs.

Rumors of new iPod thrill investors

[Reuters] Apple has distributed invitations to a September 5 event in San Francisco, but did not reveal what it would be about. "The product announcement is likely to include a full line-up of revamped iPods with significantly greater functionality at current price points, including the much-anticipated full-screen video iPod," Goldman said in a note, urging investors to buy Apple shares.

Who Lou? Hulu? Whatever ..

[Reuters] News Corp. and NBC Universal said on Wednesday they have named their new online video joint venture Hulu, taking a page from the Internet company tradition of creating meaningless corporate monikers. "We just wanted a name that is short and easy to spell," Hulu spokeswoman Christina Lee said. "We like the idea that it rhymes with itself. We wanted a fun name."