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Newswatch 8.22.07: 'Aldrich Ames wants to be your friend'

AMD's Richard to leave

[TG Daily] Henri Richard, AMD’s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, will be leaving the company. Hexus.net first broke the story on and the information has since been confirmed by several other sources. Apparently Richard will leave the company on September 8th for another job opportunity.

US intelligence embraces Web 2.0 concepts

[TopTechNews] As the U.S. intelligence community prepares to go live with an intelligence-sharing system called A-Space that is modeled on popular social-networking sites, crisis-management strategist David Stephenson said the A-Space model might correlate well to the business world and help prevent the kinds of scandals like that seen at Enron and HP.

GOOG zaps faces, license plate numbers
[News.com] Google has gotten a lot of flack from privacy advocates for photographing faces and license plate numbers and displaying them on the Street View in Google Maps. Originally, the company said only people who identified themselves could ask the company to remove their image. But Google has quietly changed that policy, partly in response to criticism, and now anyone can alert the company and have an image of a license plate or a recognizable face removed, not just the owner of the face or car, says Marissa Mayer, vice president of search products and user experience at Google.

Adobe adopting high-def video for Flash

[AP] The ubiquitous Flash video player will soon support the same technology behind next-generation, high-definition DVDs, but don't expect online clips to look great on giant television screens for some time.

YouTube launches integrated ads

[Computerworld] YouTube's new in-video advertising model may be the right balance between what viewers will tolerate and what advertisers will pay, and could justify Google Inc.'s $1.65 billion purchase price for the video Web site.

GOOG Earth scans the skies

[NYT] After turning millions of Internet users into virtual explorers of the world, the Internet search giant is now hoping to turn many of them into virtual stargazers.

Search engine IPO pulled as founder's rap sheet is revealed

[NYT] Marc Armand Rousso pleaded guilty to stock fraud charges in the United States in 1998 and was convicted of stock fraud in France in 1999. He has settled several suits brought by investors who claimed stock losses.

Schmidt doesn't rule out bid for mobile bandwidth

[Reuters] Google Inc. is leaning toward bidding in upcoming U.S. mobile phone airwave auctions, despite a partial setback last month from Washington regulators, Chief Executive Eric Schmidt said on Tuesday.