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Newswatch 8.21.07: YHOO buys game ad company

TickEx launches in U.S.

[Mashable] Based in London, TixEx is a search engine that lets you browse for the best price on tickets for live events. With TickEx, you can find tickets for events like concerts, theater shows, and sports events. With its centralized search function, TickEx aggregates results and offers you a one-stop shop for finding tickets.

Yahoo buys game mobile game ad company Actionality

[VentureBeat] Actionality sticks ads into mobile games and other applications as they’re being downloaded from a mobile web browser to a phone; competitors include Greystripe. Yahoo also recently announced that it is expanding its mobile ad services to include Vodafone. However, the profitability of mobile advertising — whether on a mobile browser or in a download — is in question.

YouTube launches video ads

[The Times] Twenty seconds after a clip begins, a transparent advert appears in the bottom fifth of the video for a further 15 seconds. Clicking on the image overlay plays the advert, but if ignored it simply disappears. Eileen Naughton, YouTube’s director for media platforms, said: “We are trying to be respectful of the YouTube community, whilst working with marketing partners.”

Is Comcast screwing with BitTorrent traffic?

[News.com] Rumors have been floating around that Comcast is filtering peer-to-peer BitTorrent traffic, which is often used to distribute pirated movies.