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Newswatch 8.17.07: Skype slow to recover

Mom slaps RIAA with class action suit

[Register] The RIAA has been slapped by a class action lawsuit, filed by Tanya Anderson, a single mom from Oregon who claims the organization's goons impersonated her 10-year-old daughter's grandmother over the phone to extract evidence.

Second suit against Apple for battery woes

[Computerworld] argues that Apple and AT&T committed fraud by not fully informing customers about the costs and procedures for replacing the battery. The complaint argues that the battery "must" be replaced after 300 charges, anticipating a replacement at one year or less by a qualified technician, since the battery sits inside a sealed compartment.

Windows Home Server ships in August

[Computerworld] No partner has yet disclosed a ship date or final price for a WHS-based server, nor has Microsoft discussed pricing for the system builder version, which it will sell as software-only to smaller computer dealers and hobbyists.

Skype outage goes on and on

[PCWorld] Skype Ltd. is still trying to restore service to millions of its customers almost 24 hours after they began to experience problems logging in to the VOIP service. The problems are likely to continue throughout the day, Skype warned in a status announcement at 11 a.m. GMT Friday.

FCC Commissioner: Pearl Jam censorship tied to neutrality

[Ars Technica] Mysteriously, AT&T seems bound and determined to turn the fight for net neutrality into a fight for the First Amendment. Now even an FCC commissioner is making the connection between Pearl Jam's plight and a neutral 'net.

SourceFire buys up ClamAV

[News.com] ClamAV is being bought (and improved by) Sourcefire. This is a win for the market and for Sourcefire. And for open source.

American sues Google over keywords

[Computerworld] American Airlines Inc. is suing Google Inc., claiming the search company is infringing on the airline's trademarks by using them as keyword triggers for paid advertisements by other companies.